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Job2C 4.0.2

Job2C 4.0.2

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Job2C Publisher's Description

Job2C (Job to Customers) is without a doubt the most versatile, full featured and completely automated Job Placement and Recruitment System available at a price that is a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Imagine having a site that works and gets results! Job2C is that site. Job2C was written by HR Directors for HR Directors; Job2C delivers quality results every time and is jam-packed with more features than are found on other job boards. Quick and easy installation, completely customizable, translates into any language, other features include: A complete Admin Panel, Job Posting, Applicant Questions, Resumes, Image file uploading, Credit Card processing, Advanced Search Functions, Integrated Bulk Email, Email Templates, Email Validation, Passwords, Reminders, Reports and much muchmore. Don't just read about it, get it today.

What's New in Version 4.0.2 of Job2C

1. Feature "Clone job posting" added. 2. Feature "Create specific applicant questions to ever further define job seeker capabilities or experience" added. 3. Feature "Internally forward resumes to colleagues" added. 4. Feature "Establish criteria for job seekers to apply to a specific job" added. 5. Feature &

quot;Choose how to receive applicant resumes (Word, Link, Text, XML)" added. 6. Feature "Activate / Deactivate jobs with one click" added. 7. Feature "Track billing history from one account location" added. 8. Feature "Add, edit, resume alerts anytime" added. 9. Feature "Add, edit, delete response templates to match your needs" added. 10. Feature "Write and edit your own Terms of Support and policy notices on the fly" added. 11. Feature "Analyze activity of campaign results with detailed, easy to read activity, order history, and performance reports" . added. 12. Feature "Create a customized one of a kind profile with Resume Builder" added. 13. Feature "Store Multiple Resumes" added. 14. Feature "Set yourself apart with the Professional Skills Profile Builder" added. 15. Feature "Eliminate off-target applicants with job specific screening questions" added. 16. Feature "Easily and quickly locate specific jobs two standard job search functions" added. 17. Feature "Select privacy level with Private/Public/Confidential Resumes and identity control" added. 18. Feature "Apply to jobs on-line with a choice of resumes" added. 19. Feature "Forward Jobs to friends" added. 20. Feature "Manage, sort, delete, forward, apply, and more easily and quickly from Job Manager Inbox" added. 21. Feature "Store jobs to JobInbox for later review" added. 22. Feature "Search specific Employers with multiple sort functions" added. 23. Feature "Instantly review all remaining account balances, job alerts, and job statuses" added. 24. Feature "Read administrative reports in real time" added. 25. Feature "Specify banner parameter with comprehensive management system" added. 26. Feature "Interact with job seekers and registered companies with advanced bulk email functions" added. 27. Feature "Receive immediate notification of new accounts registration" added. 28. Feature "Auto-set job expiration notification messaging" added. 29. Feature "Create unlimited advanced email templates" added. 30. Feature "Member email validation" added. 31. Feature "Automated job application responses" added. 32. Feature "Establish control parameters and restrict access" added. 33. Feature "Control internal access to sensitive data with password protection for heightened security" added. 34. Feature "Create customized Help, FAQ, and Terms of Use content" added. 35. Feature "Add, Edit, Delete capabilities for all menus with non-technical interface" added. 36. Feature "Create, Add, Edit, Delete" added. 37. Feature "Track where traffic is coming from with How did you hear of us? function." added. 38. Feature "List and print registered job seekers or employers" added. 39. Feature "Globally promote your company with multilingual capabilities" added.

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